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The goal of the GEAR – Global Education and Active Response project is to contribute to intercultural understanding through cooperation of CSOs with formal education systems, teachers and students and encourage exchange, improvement and up-scaling of existing best practices of global, civic and intercultural learning among schools at local, regional, national and transnational levels. Its general objective is to prevent violent radicalisation and to promote democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship.

The project is proposing to build on the existing programs for social inclusion and civic/intercultural education of youth and teachers implemented by the project partners, programs developed both by schools and CSOs. Some of these individual programs have a long tradition of implementation at national levels in each country, but they will be enhanced and upgraded in accordance with the actual needs and expanded transnationally, as well as enabling a transnational exchange of existing successful practices among partners and teachers in different countries.

The duration of the project is from the 31st of December 2016 until the 31st of December 2018. This project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


The project activities are:

• Education/training of teachers and educators
– 5 (one per partner country) national-level education/training sessions for 20 teachers and educators and a transnational 3-day exchange and education/training for teachers and educators

• Trainings for Youth Promoters of Tolerance and Inter culturalism
– 5 (one per partner country) training sessions for Youth Promoters of Tolerance and Interculturalism and a transnational 2-day exchange and education/training for Youth Promoters of Tolerance and Inter culturalism

• School intercultural and inclusion projects
– inclusion projects developed by schools included in the project
(e.g. solidarity actions/protection of human rights actions, prepared in local communities)

• National and transnational networking and exchange of good practices
– school exchange visits among the partner schools, establishment of an International network of intercultural inclusive schools, conferences and panel debates that focus on the topics of democratic values, fundamental rights, intercultural understanding and active citizenship

• Quality assurance and upgrading education/training modules
– a comparative analysis of existing best practice examples for education/training of intercultural understanding in different countries, that will be used for the curriculum development in each country (to upgrade existing programs) as well as for the transnational curriculum development

• Project Management /Evaluation
– coordination of activities, partner meetings, project monitoring and evaluation




An independent, non-profit civil society organisation devoted to promoting and enhancing human and civil rights, that was established in Croatia in April 1997 as a grass-roots citizen election monitoring initiative aimed at encouraging citizens to participate more actively in the political process, and has grown since to become a respected partner in issues of government accountability, openness and transparency, anticorruption, and protection of human and civic rights.

One of the most recognized GONG’s education programs is Education for civic literacy for teachers consisting of 3 modules (political literacy- human rights, democracy and civil society, EU literacy and media literacy) that prepare teachers for implementing civic education with students.







Mirovni inštitut – Peace InstituteGSI ItaliaCives foundationNansen Dialogue Centre OsijekNansen Dialogue Centre SkopjeSchool of Economics and Tourism DaruvarElementary schools Siniša GlavaševićDalj Elementary SchoolMunicipal Secondary Vocational School GostivarMunicipal Primary School Liria


Obrazovanje za solidarnost i ljudska prava

Autor: Ivan Hodžić, 10. 4. 2017. 10:42

GEAR  (Global Education and Active Response) za zaštitu ljudskih prava, inkluziju i demokratske vrijednosti u interkulturnim društvima 

Radi unapređenja edukacija koje će potaknuti socijalno uključivanje te građansko i interkulturalno obrazovanje,  GONG u suradnji sa školama i organizacijama civilnog društva iz 5 europskih država provodi Erasmus+ program....




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